The Starbucks Coffee have already earned their credibility in the Philippines, not just here, but the whole world. No words can come up to build a question when it comes to its quality, experience and popularity. Throughout the country 164 stores operate daily, rewarding us the coffeehouse experience. As a purveyor, they also offer teas, […]

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What If and Doubts

Doubts: i am afraid to start my own blog. i don’t have the confidence to write. the people might judge me. What If: i really can? i give it a try? this can change my life? Little voices inside my head speaking out their thoughts, leads to question myself, opting mind over heart. Unsure of […]

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Hello! Newbie and Naive. 

“Why don’t you start your own blog?” The transforming sentence that changes meaning after every reread. From interrogative sentence transitioning to exclamatory changes to imperative, indeed, the cycle never stops. I believe that this phrase has its magical spells, bestowed by the wizards, the words changes as I pronounce. Making me believe that I can, […]

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