Hello! Newbie and Naive. 

“Why don’t you start your own blog?”

The transforming sentence that changes meaning after every reread. From interrogative sentence transitioning to exclamatory changes to imperative, indeed, the cycle never stops. I believe that this phrase has its magical spells, bestowed by the wizards, the words changes as I pronounce. Making me believe that I can, I can be artistic and creative in writing, bringing entertainment. In fact, I don’t have any experience or background in writing. I am just an avid reader of novel books and tries to recite their notable quotes perfectly.

I admit, some of my writings for school requirements were revised from the original version, that I have just searched on the internet. Content and credibility of the author. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks for contributing a lot for my numerical grade, especially that written works compose 25% of our final grade. As a result of laziness, I feel pressured to do it just to survive the semester. As they say practice makes perfect and the lines of cheating are getting clearer. I’m in an ocean of guilt for me to be drown in. 

A lot of my critics are laughing and clapping their hands to the liveliest as can be. Stuffing their mind with hatred and envy. In fact, crab-mentallity plays a big role on our success. Since people are dragging you down on your way to the peak of mount bacon, taking advantage of your weakness, feeding you horror to feel its weight. Moreover, this acts as your motivation to strive harder. I don’t consider them (you) as haters or bashers – they (you) are my pedagogue! And also I thank you for giving me your time and effort clicking the url and checking the blog. 

Today my journey starts, alongside you are on a road-trip with me finding out our final destination.



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