What If and Doubts


  • i am afraid to start my own blog.
  • i don’t have the confidence to write.
  • the people might judge me.

What If:

  • i really can?
  • i give it a try?
  • this can change my life?

Little voices inside my head speaking out their thoughts, leads to question myself, opting mind over heart. Unsure of where I am capable of and comfortable with. Underestimating my strengths that secretively taking away the courage that lives inside my heart. I have never been this down, with all the successes I’ve achieved, I’m still incomplete. I’m a masterpiece hanged in the wall -unfinished, mandatorily covered for the crowd not to be seen. 

Along the vast of the deep blue ocean, where the brightest yellow sunrays strike. Nevertheless, the sunlight has its own purpose it illuminated my way directing the end of the freighting dark cave. Where the cavity greets you with tropical trees, sea-smell, sandy-shore, and flocks of bird. I took a walk on the biodiveristy sigthing the vicinity, ended up on the shore, where the seawater is an inch away from where I stand. As I touches the seawater making ripples I felt the rise of its temperature, from heat to cold, numbing my toefingers. 

However, the endless sea made me realize that I should not be afraid to try, wherein, I should be afraid of not trying. Despite what people might say, drowning me with disbelief. I opened my eyes and the blue sky greeted me with hope. I scrutinize my surrounding in case of harm. I found myself at the middle of the ocean. Everything is a risk, that’s why I am willing to take, for I belive in doing nothing is a sign of a risk.

Furthermore, with my credence that rainbow brightens up the dark sky after every rain, made me the person I am today. Willing to take risk, allowing constructive criticism to hit my heart. For the reason to learn, and not to be hurt, to be well-experience with what the future might bring. 

In conclusion, turn your doubts into hoping, we should stop questioning ourseld and start moving. For opportunity dances to those already on the dance floor. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. Fire up the the courage in your heart, because alot of people awaits for your light to illuminate thy way. 

The flame never killed me – not even a burn. 


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