The Starbucks Coffee have already earned their credibility in the Philippines, not just here, but the whole world. No words can come up to build a question when it comes to its quality, experience and popularity. Throughout the country 164 stores operate daily, rewarding us the coffeehouse experience. As a purveyor, they also offer teas, pastries, and delectable treats – like gums and candies. 

Caffeinated drinks are becoming quintessential, I wouldn’t allow myself to start the day without drinking an iced cold coffee with a toasted bread on the side. Since Starbucks isn’t available in our province, Mcdonalds Vanilla Iced Coffee is filling up the place of the bitterweet Stabucks Caramel Macchiato. #IlocosNorteStarbucks Alongside with their freshly cooked pancakes or the modernized cheesy eggdesal, as a substitute for Sticky Cinnamon Bun.

Exterior of 1800 Eastwood Starbucks Coffeeshop
Sticky Cinnamon Bun
Menu Card: Guide to Stabucks Favorite


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